Many express their special feelings to their loved one. 
The others choose not to.
Many believe in present and future that will be even brighter when they love someone.
The others allow past failures to overwhelm their lives and simply cannot move on.
Many say sorry to their loved one and will do every possible way to start anew.
The others cannot even utter ‘sorry’ knowing to their heart saying it will  rectify the situation.
Many communicate love through eye contacts and touchs from the heart.
The others say love over and over but never express it through any action or any other communication means.
Many do not expect anything in return  from love.
The others are full with expectations and simply cannot move on when love crashes.
Many take the present moment and enjoy its best yield when they love someone.
The others wait and wait until  love is not there anymore.
Many spend all their life forgetting someone.
Many spend all their life deciding to make a move with someone.